The document: “Desist Detrans Detox”, a Christian US-German collaboration to force cult deprogramming on ‘the system of transgenderism as a whole’

This is a German to English translation of the following April 28, 2023 document from Let Women Speak! in Germany (LFS). This document by the LFS offers a partial translation from English to German of a forced detransition and cult deprogramming manual originally offered by far-right US Christian groups Partners for Ethical Care and Advocates Protecting Children.

Directions out of the transgender cult – PARENT BROCHURE

Apr 28, 2023

Directions out of the transgender cult


This brochure is based on the book “Desist, Detrans, Detox: Getting your child out of the Gender Cult” by Maria Keffler of the Advocates Protecting Children initiative.

In which explanatory model should transgenderism be placed? Is it a mental illness to believe that the body or mind is that of another sex instead of one’s own? This is what clinicians think. Is it a religion? That’s what some feminists think. Is transgenderism simply an expression of a men’s rights movement that also has girls in its clutches, as some radical feminists argue? Or is it simply a cult, flanked and promoted by Big Pharma and Big Tech, as other women’s rights activists say?

Maria Keffler, the author of the book that we have translated into German and summarized for this brochure, presents transgenderism as a cult. We find this interpretation coherent and understandable. We do not deny that transgenderism can also be understood in other contexts. An advantage of an interpretation as a cult is that it shows how deeply this system interferes with the lives of those affected, how difficult it is to leave it, and that – due to the negative connotation of the word “cult” – there are no positive aspects of transgenderism. Likewise, there are no “true transsexuals”.

The perspective as a cult is helpful in order not to fall into an individualizing and pathologizing perspective. We reject the distinction between an essentialist notion of an innate, unchangeable, clearly definable “transsexuality” on the one hand and an acquired, inferior, false “transsexuality” on the other (ROGD kids, trans activists, autogynephilia). Like Keffler, we see the system of transgenderism as a whole and do not construct any gradations.

This booklet was written after a concerned mother brought Keffler’s book to our attention, saying that it has helped her support her daughter to embrace her body and gender again.

The text does not claim to be comprehensive. In large parts it is quoted verbatim from the original. It also does not claim to represent a treatment gold standard. We’ll look at other guides that we think are worth considering.

The guide draws terms from learning theory (such as “deleting behavior”), which are common knowledge from educationalists’ or psychologists’ undergraduate studies and, in line with a behaviorist tradition, may seem a bit technical to some. If such passages are cause for confusion, we ask you to read the original English text, which provides more information on these passages and can possibly resolve the confusion. Fortunately, Keffler includes the whole environment and the reality of a child’s life in her book instead of just concentrating on their inner psychological processes. After all, Keffler herself is also a developmental psychologist.

It’s not like parents can sit back and wait and see what happens to their child once they’re caught up in the belief system of transgenderism. Or that the key would simply be finding the right therapist – an attitude that we have already encountered in the so-called gender-critical parenting environment. Parents are the most important caregivers for their children. They should use this influence.

We are aware that the author Keffler comes from a Christian conservative tradition and not from a radical feminist one. She doesn’t have to. We find her book so valuable that we don’t see different political positions on other issues as an obstacle to making her extensive knowledge available to desperate parents in Germany. In any case, we radical feminists are not a monolith, but have diverse political positions on various topics.

We welcome reports about your experiences with the brochure. What recommendations did you find helpful? What was difficult for you to implement? What was perhaps even counterproductive and where did you achieve more in other ways?

We thank the affected mother for pointing us to this book. Also a big thank you to the author Maria Keffler for the generous permission to publish it free of charge.


  1. Gender is meaningless, gender is immutable.
  2. What is the transgender cult?
  3. How can I talk to my child trapped in the transgender cult?
  4. How can I improve the relationship with my child?
  5. How do I deprogram a child trapped in the transgender cult?
  6. What does unwavering love for your child mean?
  7. How do I deal with the rest of the family?
  8. What happens after leaving the transgender cult?

The brochure can be downloaded free of charge from our website – as a print template or as a sample.

Disclaimer: The contents of this brochure have been compiled to the best of our knowledge and belief. The information contained therein serves as general non-binding support for those seeking advice and cannot represent a substitute for professional advice, treatment or diagnosis by trained and recognized doctors, psychiatrists and psychotherapists. Get advice from a doctor or psychotherapist on health issues and do not change or end any treatments yourself. You should also not self-medicate without first consulting a doctor or pharmacist.

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In this LSquadBerlin podcast, an affected mother reports on how she was able to free her daughter from the transgender cult. She found that intuitively she was using a very similar method to that presented in the brochure. She is accompanied in this conversation by the trauma therapist Petra, who contributes her own position on the subject.

The podcast can also be accessed via the usual podcast platforms. For example via Spotify.


In this episode, Rona Duwe talks to Stefanie Bode about the parents’ brochure “Signposts from the Transgender Cult” . The publication of the brochure attracted an unusually high level of attention, even as far as the Family Ministry, and brought threats to the two editors with criminal charges, indexing of the brochure as writing harmful to young people, state protection and professional bans. She also drew attention to the Protection Against Conversion Treatments Act 2020. Feminist criticism of this law also marked the beginning of Terre des Femmes’ internal conflict on transgenderism.


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